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Work Surfaces

Bring a modern look to your work surfaces

Glass is a great solution for both horizontal and vertical glass surface applications. Glass work surfaces are a great departure from the expected granite or ceramic tile. From small tiles to massive slabs, clad walls, wainscoting, furniture and flooring, glass work surfaces provide versatility that can shine in nearly any setting.

Glass work surfaces are non-porous, sanitary, and low maintenance.

Size, shape, thickness, color, edge treatment, texture, design, finish, tint and hardware accommodations can all be specified. Custom solutions can be created to coordinate with other site-specific elements.  You can also incorporate glass cabinets, railings, countertops, desktops and decorative or antique mirrors to complete the look.

In the Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Triangle area, Clear-Vue Glass is the leading source for residential and commercial glass product design and installation, including work surfaces for business.

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