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Need a spark for a new idea or client or design?

Architects visit the Clear-Vue Glass showroom for manifold glass inspirations. From the simple and functional to the fabulously impressive, we’ve got examples to help visualize and nurture your creative ideas.

Any space — whether for living, working, cooking, meditating, or relaxing — can benefit from the crispness of glass. Space savers like glass shelving create mini tableaux for displaying architects'  clients' favorite things. Mirrors add the feeling of space, eliminating the cramped feeling experienced in small rooms.

Textured glass partitions create the division of space so necessary for a comfortable atmosphere, yet use the smallest of footprints. With the right glass solution, it's possible to capture and infuse precious daylight thorough out spaces, while still preserving both visual and sound privacy.

As designers of atmosphere, architects improve daily living — and Clear-Vue Glass, with its unmatched versatiiity, offers fresh, creative, budget-friendly solutions. 

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