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What is the difference between a pivot hinge and a side-mount hinge?

A pivot-hinge is secured top-to-bottom.  It's this hinge type that allows a door to spin while staying in place.  Pivot hinges are mostly attached at the far corners of the door, creating an uninterrrupted frameless view.  Pivot hinges that mount floor-to-ceiling can reduce the cost of glass fabrication.  Pivot hinge doors carry the weight at the bottom of the door, and are thus very stabilized by a structurally sound floor.

A side-mount hinge is similar to the door hinges in your home.  One side of the hinge is anchored on the side of a frameless glass door.  The other side of the hinge is mounted to a wall or another glass panel.  Side-mount wall hinges avoid the need for a header or top support bar, which detracts from a frameless look.  Side-mount hinges can be sealed to improve water tightness.