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Mirrors and Shelving

Reflecting your image and style...

Mirrors create stylistic and decorative dimension, as well as add depth — giving small areas a luxurious sense of space. In any space, mirrors can perform as merely functional or scale up to be important design elements, contributing to your home's personal look and style.

Everyone needs storage.  Glass shelving melds function and form for practical display, while also serving as an architectural element. Want minimalism,  a bold decorative statement or something in-between? You can achieve all of those with wonderfully versatile glass.

Our creative staff will help you select the mirror, shelving and glass cabinets that are right for you and your home. Contact Us to begin to explore your style. 

To see our line of framed and framelss mirrors from the fine folks at Kentwood Mirrors click here.

In the Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Triangle area, Clear-Vue Glass is a great source for residential and commercial mirrors and glass shelving.