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What will my shower cost?

What should an enclosure cost?

To many homeowners and designers, bathrooms are among the most important spaces in the home. Appealing baths are appreciated by their owners and guests, and bestow the very practical benefit of enhanced property value. Your glass shower enclosure plays a key role to complete the effect.

Clear-Vue Glass understands the importance of a well-designed and properly installed shower. That’s why we offer residential showers in an unrivaled number styles and configurations. Our many years of working with unusual and creative building challenges gives us the experience and the confidence that we can successfully design and install just about any structure you can envision.

Our Shower Pricing Matrix is intended as a pricing guideline for planning purposes. Using typical shower sizes, configurations and our Brushed Nickel Hardware Suites, you can quickly and easily see how various modifications to your plan affect price. 

The Hardware Suites help simplify the selection process, while offering a full range of styles. Custom mixed hardware selections are also always available. All of the typical hardware finishes (polished chrome / brass / nickel, brushed chrome / brass / nickel, brushed and oil rubbed bronze, among others)  are offered as well as custom-matched finishes.

Please note that we've included tax and installation in these prices (within 20 mile radius of downtown Durham). Common (and imperfect) building conditions can impact final pricing. We tip our hat to homeowners and builders who craft perfectly plumb walls and level surfaces!